Monthly Archives: February 2018

Algorithmic Prudery

This month we were plunged into the deep freeze. Consequently, the stream of thought iced over for a while. What ideas one could muster came in short mental blurts – like tweets. In defiant contrast, however, our avian friends, the master twitterers, following seasonal instincts even deeper than the cold, have latterly become noisily frisky, pursuing each other from branch to branch and chirping brightly. Watching them at breakfast time is enough to de-frost the brain.

It seemed appropriate, therefore, to dedicate this post to them, in the style of a satirical twitter storm, with the seditious letter ‘n’ judiciously redacted, naturally, so as to offend no sensibilities. The theme, prudery, would of course leave the birds (and the bees) completely cold. Humans, on the other hand, get over-heated about it.

Twitter storm