Different beasts

Let us be clear: directors and facilitators are different beasts. One leads, the other supports. Neither can do his or her job effectively without the ability to listen. There is a school of thought which maintains that facilitation is neutral, requiring no prior knowledge of the subject. However, since both director and facilitator are required quickly to marshal thoughts and ideas into concerted action, both must at least be able to comprehend and synthesise what they hear.

Though both roles can be played in clandestine manner, facilitation and direction should normally be explicit, consensual and rule governed. Those directed or facilitated must be clear and consentient as to the conduct of the task in hand. Both roles also demand humility: since the actual work is done by others, the director or facilitator can take no credit for their efforts, only satisfaction.

In the video below, one of the main characters is directing, the other facilitating. Which is which?
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The Vienna Chamber Orchestra performing among the ruins of Ephesus with canine facilitation.

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