Monthly Archives: September 2016

Pristine condition

When we buy something new, something that hasn’t been owned by someone else, we value its newness, its pristine quality, its untouched purity. If it is blemished, damaged, soiled, we are dissatisfied, may return it, seek a replacement. Had we desired marks, fingerprints, stains, dog-eared corners, we would have made our purchase from a second-hand outlet, an antiquarian, a charity shop.BIGscribbles002

This month I imagined I had purchased a new book, that is a copy that had not been handled by another person. I was eager to open it, turn its pages, take sight of its content for the first time, as if the first to do so.

I was wrong. This was an e-book.

Three pages in, I notice several annotations, several phrases and sentences that have been underlined. At first I associate them with the markings of a spell-checker, they must denote orthographic or grammatical errors. Strange because I detect none and the annotations are numerous and lengthy, as if someone had wished to highlight the passages in question, bring them to my attention. I move the cursor to the start of one such annotation and a note appears informing me that “four people have previously highlighted this passage.” Do I wish to view other annotations by the same readers? Do I wish to share my own annotations with them?

No I do not. I will almost certainly talk about what I have read with my family and friends, at some point – of my choosing. Right now, I want to enjoy the text for the first time, in a pristine state.

Why should I worry? I can de-activate shared annotations, it is my choice. No, the choice has been made for me. It should be my choice to activate them, not to have to switch them off.

I feel foolish, naïve. Of course I should have realised. I have merely licensed this book. If the publisher chooses to withdraw it from its catalogue, my licence to read it will expire. I have it on loan, it does not belong to me, I am accessing it by temporary courtesy of the publisher, as are they who have annotated it before me.

I will choose something from the library next time. It’s free and I won’t worry about the odd scribble.