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May script writers rest easy?

Sunspring is a short sci-fi film. It is nonsense, of the best kind, neither banal nor original, by turns hilariously funny and faintly disturbing. It was written by ‘Benjamin’, an RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) AI machine. Its makers, Oscar Sharp, of Therefore Films, and a trio of actors which includes the well-known Thomas Middleditch, manage brilliantly to impart meaning to Benjamin’s outpourings, adopting the familiar rhythms of sci-fi tropes while all the while having to play dodgems with nonsensical gems such as “I just wanted to tell you that I was much better than he did”. I wonder what Edward Lear would have made of it?

Sunspring was made for the Sci-Fi London contest, in which contestants are given 48 hours in which to make a movie from a given set of prompts. One of the judges commented “I’ll give them top marks if they promise never to do this again.”

To find out about the making of Sunspring, visit ‘Ars Technica‘.